Thursday, January 24, 2013

Red Lip

Red Lip

I just wanted to give a quick tutorial on a dark, red lip look I wore recently. There are SO many shades of red and I know it can be overwhelming when you go to make a purchase! This is just one of many red lip looks I have done, but hopefully it'll suit some of you.

Line your lips with a lipliner a couple shades darker than your lipstick. I used "Just My Type"-MAC.  It doesn't need to be perfect- smudging on the inside is good! 

Take your second lipliner, (in this case "Basic Red Chronographic Pencil"- MAC) one that is a similar shade to the lipstick you'll be using, and line the inside of your lips. Once again smudging into the darker shade is okay!

Grab the lipstick ("Russian Red"- MAC) you will be using and go over all the lip using a lip brush.


The products I used for this look:

MAC- Just My Type Lipliner HERE
MAC- Basic Red Chronographic Pencil HERE
MAC- Russian Red Lipstick HERE

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